7 Ways to Whiten Body Skin Naturally & Effectively

Everyone desires to have white and smooth body skin, especially for women, so they use various ways to whiten the skin, including injecting vitamin C, or doing body skin care at a beauty clinic so that it requires a high cost. However, you can also have clean white skin easily and cheaply using natural ingredients. What are the natural ingredients for whitening the skin?

1. Avocados

The traditional way to whiten the skin is by using avocados first. Avocados contain minerals, vitamins and natural oils that can maintain healthy and moist skin. Besides this fruit is also effective for whitening body skin quickly. Here are the uses:

 Prepare 2-3 mature and fresh avocados.
 Blend the avocado meat using a blender and mix with enough water.
 Apply avocado cream to all desired skin evenly.
 Let stand for 10-15 minutes.
 Rinse the body using clean water.
 Do this method regularly every day before taking a shower.

2. Lime and Papaya

The combination of papaya and lime is able to whiten the body’s skin quickly because both of these fruits are able to lift dead skin cells that make the skin dull and not bright, besides that they are rich in antioxidants so they can ward off free radicals. How to use it, namely:

 Prepare one raw and fresh papaya.
 Prepare one fresh lime.
 Puree the flesh of the papaya by grating it.
 Mix with lime juice.
 Stir until evenly distributed and formed like cream.
 Apply this cream to all body skin evenly.
 Let stand for 15-20 minutes until it dries.
 Rinse with warm water then dry with a dry towel.

3. Egg White and Lemon

Lemon is rich with vitamin C so it is effective for whitening the skin, while egg whites are effective for removing dead skin cells causing dull and not bright skin. The mixture of these two ingredients is very effective for whitening and brightening the skin of the body. Traditional ways to whiten the skin using egg white and lemon, namely:

 Prepare 2-3 village eggs and 2-3 fresh lemons. Take the egg white only.
 Make fresh lemon juice and mix with egg white, stirring evenly.
 Heat this mixture on low heat. Let it stand until it thickens slightly.
 Next, cool it by putting it in the refrigerator.
 After the cold spread on the entire body skin evenly.
 Let stand for 15-20 minutes. Clean with clean water and dry with a dry towel afterwards.

4. Lime and Tomatoes

lime and tomate

Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C that are effective for lightening the skin, while lime is very effective for removing dead skin cells that cause dull skin. So the combination of natural ingredients is effective for whitening and brightening the skin quickly. Here’s how to whiten body skin with lime and tomatoes:

 Prepare 4-5 fresh and cooked tomatoes and 2-3 fresh lime.
 Blend the tomatoes with a blender. Add lime juice into it, stir until evenly distributed.
 Apply evenly and thinly on all body skin.
 Let stand for 15-20 minutes.
 Rinse with clean water and dry with a clean towel.

5. Olive Oil and Rice

Since ancient times rice was believed to be able to whiten and brighten skin quickly, while olive oil is able to keep the skin moist. Both of these ingredients are very effective for whitening skin naturally. How to use it, namely:

 Prepare one cup of rice and olive oil to taste.
 Blend the rice to form almost like flour.
 Mix enough olive oil to form a paste.
 Apply to all parts of the skin evenly.
 Let stand for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
 Do this method regularly every day before showering to get maximum results.

6. Honey and Lemon mixture

The next way to whiten skin is with a mixture of honey and lemon. As we know, lemons are rich in vitamin C and lemons are also useful to accelerate the process of skin regeneration where dead skin is easily released and replaced with new skin. How to use it, namely

 Prepare honey and water leon of 1-5 tsp each or sufficient
 Mix the two ingredients until they are perfectly mixed.
 Apply on all body skin evenly.
 Let stand for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
 Do this method regularly every day before taking a morning bath.

7. Clean the Body

What series of treatments do you do above, if it is not accompanied by routine cleaning of the body (bathing) it will not produce maximum results. Bathing at least 2x a day can make your body clean of dust dirt and pollution and make you feel fresher so that you can continue other daily activities. Also note the use of soap and sponge. Use soap and sponge made from soft so as not to cause irritation after use.

Thus information about how to whiten skin naturally which is easy to practice at home and does not require high costs.

How to Easily Improve Mood in 12 Minutes

Many people say that a good mood can be obtained by walking, shopping, or doing self-care. In fact, a recent study from Iowa State University found that being kind to others for 12 minutes gives you a better feeling.

“Walking around and offering goodness to others reduces anxiety and improves mood and sense of being socially connected,” said psychology professor Douglas Gentile, as quoted by the New York Post

The study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies conducted research on participants who were campus students. They were asked to walk for 12 minutes and get several ways to improve different moods.

Some students in the “love” group are asked to observe others around them and think to themselves: “I hope this person is happy” sincerely. On the other hand, participants in the “interconnection” group were asked to connect with others like friends and share emotions.

There is also a third group that is asked to make “social comparison.” They were told to think that they were better than others around him. The control group is only asked to observe others without regard to appearance and behavior and does not issue their thoughts.

Scientists found that those in the “love” group had feelings of happiness, caring, and not being too anxious when compared to others for 12 minutes. Meanwhile, “interconnection” groups grow more and care more.

Participants in the group that compared themselves to others showed a lack of empathy and care. Gentile said, things like this often we see in the life of social media.

“We often feel jealous, jealous, angry, or disappointed in responding to what we see on social media. These emotions interfere with our well-being,” Gentile said.