4 Benefits of Lime for a Natural Healthy Diet

We all already know that lime is a round, green fruit with a very sour taste. However, have we known the benefits of lime for a very powerful diet? Below will be discussed information and tips on eating lime for weight loss. Why use a diet with chemicals that are not healthy if there are natural ways that are far healthier and more reliable without side effects?

1. As a Body Detoxification

Benefits of Lime for Your Diet
One of the benefits of lime for a healthy diet is to function as a very effective body detoxification ingredient. That is, lime can remove toxic substances that the body does not need easily including fats and feces in the intestine. Our digestion will be much more smoothly by eating this lime. To detox with lime, the method is very simple.

First, we can make lime infused water. Just cut the thin orange lime and put it in cold water. Remove the skin as much as possible so that the taste of infused water is not bitter. Cool the mixture of water and lime in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Make a substitute for water after eating. The second method that can be applied is to put a few drops of lime juice in warm water.

Drink the mixture regularly every morning. Soon, most people will defecate as a sign of wasted poisons. This method is not recommended for some people who suffer from acute ulcers because the disease may get worse.

2. Prevent Free Radicals

The benefits of lime for other diets and beauty is to prevent free radicals. How not. the anti-oxidant content in the fruit is very high and competes with other fruits such as apples. The skin will look brighter by eating lime regularly and the body will be more likely to avoid cancer. Take lime juice at least once a week or consume lime infused water every day for the best results. This good habit is highly recommended for people who often move outdoors and are exposed to pollution from motorized vehicles.

3. Lose Weight

The benefits of lime for a diet to lose weight is to burn fat in the body. The acid content can shed the fat we just consumed easily. Therefore, make sure we eat cold lime ice after eating fatty foods and high cholesterol such as curry, curry, fried foods, and so on. Not only shed fat, lime is also effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

This is due to the content of limonin in lime which can prevent the production of the substance apo B through liver cells. This substance Apo B will increase cholesterol levels in the body if the quantity in the body also increases. Therefore if during this time we often consume foods high in cholesterol and have not checked health again, make sure lime juice is a mandatory drink for 2 to 3 times a week. Certainly cholesterol levels in the body will be fine (not too high). In cooking spicy sour food, we can also add a little more lime as long as it can still be enjoyed.

4. Not Easy to Hung

Lime if eaten directly, as long as we hold the acid, can keep us full longer. This is due to the very high fiber in lime and lime also has the properties of emptying the stomach. This is one of the roles of non-starch polysaccharides which are also related to the high fiber in the fruit. Getting used to eating lime after a heavy meal will control the stomach to feel full with less food than usual. This will help the process of one’s diet and weight will drop much easier.

If we cannot stand the acid, it is better not to force it, this fruit can always be processed especially in the form of cold drinks. As much as possible avoid mixing lime with water that is too hot. The reason is, too hot water will reduce the vitamin content in oranges. If you have a history of stomach ulcers, condition your stomach first by eating lemon juice with honey or sugar.
After reading the article above, there are so many benefits of lime for dieting? Still want a diet that wastes a lot of money with unclear results? Switch to a lime diet from now on.