How to Easily Improve Mood in 12 Minutes

Many people say that a good mood can be obtained by walking, shopping, or doing self-care. In fact, a recent study from Iowa State University found that being kind to others for 12 minutes gives you a better feeling.

“Walking around and offering goodness to others reduces anxiety and improves mood and sense of being socially connected,” said psychology professor Douglas Gentile, as quoted by the New York Post

The study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies conducted research on participants who were campus students. They were asked to walk for 12 minutes and get several ways to improve different moods.

Some students in the “love” group are asked to observe others around them and think to themselves: “I hope this person is happy” sincerely. On the other hand, participants in the “interconnection” group were asked to connect with others like friends and share emotions.

There is also a third group that is asked to make “social comparison.” They were told to think that they were better than others around him. The control group is only asked to observe others without regard to appearance and behavior and does not issue their thoughts.

Scientists found that those in the “love” group had feelings of happiness, caring, and not being too anxious when compared to others for 12 minutes. Meanwhile, “interconnection” groups grow more and care more.

Participants in the group that compared themselves to others showed a lack of empathy and care. Gentile said, things like this often we see in the life of social media.

“We often feel jealous, jealous, angry, or disappointed in responding to what we see on social media. These emotions interfere with our well-being,” Gentile said.